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Deidrich Bonhoeffer Assignment Due Tuesday, April 4th

Students are to reflect on at least 4 instances in which Bonhoeffer had to make a moral decision. Students are to describe the moral decision and then assess it using Natural Law Theory.
Students are to write a reflection of at least 2 pages double-spaced type written letter size 12. Students must also include a title page with the title, Deidrich Bonhoeffer, the date, April 4th, your name, student number, and my name.

Sicko Assignment Due Tuesday March 21st

Students are to write a reflection on what they think about the movie Sicko and the American Health Care System. Students can use Natural Law theory to support their response. The reflection must be Three pages in total with a title page and two reflection pages. The SIZE OF THE LETTERS MUST BE 12. Failure to do this will lead to a serious deduction in marks, as the paper will be too short in length. Students will be assessed on the critical analysis of their reflection as well as their grammar usage which is expected to be at a grade 9 level.  .

Metaphysics Review Test Monday, March 27TH

Know the following for the 2 Long Answer Questions:
Chapter 6: The God Chapter & William Lane Craig's Opening argument in his debate against Christopher Hitchens CHECK THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST FOR THE VIDEO

Know the following for the Multiple Choice Questions:
Basic Dichotomous Views in Metaphysics
The Experience Machine
Abu Nasr
Ibn Sina
Cognitive Science
Eliminative Materialism
The New Mysterianism
Identity Theory
Thomas Nagel
Ontological Argument
Cosmological Arguments
Argument from Design
Anthropic principle
Omni-Potence Paradox
Perceiver Relativity Argument
JP Sartre

Grade 12 RST working thesis statement Monday April 3rd

It's time to start reading your books. Students are expected to provide a working thesis by Monday April 3rd.


Students will have a metaphysics test on the Monday, second week back..

Grade 9 RST Topics

Go to the following site to find topics for your RST.

Students are expected to make a final decision on who they would like to present for their RST by March 24th of this month. Directions on what you will have to do for your RST in June are to be found on my web site which can be found by going to the link on the right side of this page.Email me with your choice. First come first serve. If your topic has been taken I will let you know.

Grade 12 Homework

Students should complete the remainder of the God Unit questions for Monday, March 6th

Grade 9 Religion Debates

Be it resolved that:

Abortion should be criminalized in Canada

Capital punishment should be reinstated in Canada

The police are a force for good in society.

War is never justified

Philosophy Debates Tuesday, February 28th

Be it resolved that:

Human consciousness will one day be replicated artificially.

Human beings do not have free will.

Human beings are inherently evil. 

Each student must speak for at least 2:30 minutes


Welcome to Mr. White's Philosophy and Religion Blog

Throughout the semester I will be putting assignments for my classes here. I will also provide extra commentary on the subject matter will will be discussing in class.