Psychology Experiments and the interpretation of data must be done by Tuesday, Nov. 21st

Your experimental template sheet must be filled out:

Philosophy Homework for Monday, Nov. 20th

Complete questions 26-32 in Chapter 7

Psychology Homework Nov. 17th,

Summarize the following with at least one paragraph for each at least 7-10 sentences for each:
Categorizing Personality pg 207
Extroversion, Introversion
Predicting Personality pg 208
Using Facial Patterns to Determine Personality
Introversion pg 209
Highly Sensitive People
Overcoming Shyness

Descartes Second Meditation\ Thought Experiment

I can doubt everything that exists. However, I cannot doubt that I am doubting. If I'm doubting I am thinking. If I'm thinking I exist.
1. I think therefore I am.
I have a perfection conception of God in my mind. I am imperfect and therefore could not have put it there myself. Only a God who is perfect and exists could have put it there.
2. Therefore God exists.

I can still doubt however that my body exists, the external world exists and other beings like myself exist the way I perceive them. For, thus far I have only proven that I exist as a thinking substance and that God exists.
 Because God exists as a perfect being, I ask myself: Would a perfect being, the nature of which only contains positive attributes, deceive me into thinking my body exists, the external world exists and other beings like myself exist when they do not? 
No, for such a deception is not a positive attribute of a perfect God.
3. Therefore my body exists, the external world exists, and other beings like myself exist.

Therefore based upon rationality alone I have established the foundation of Epistemology.
Therefore, I am incredibly smart and God loves me for it.   


READ PAGES 204-207. Answer questions: 2-4 page 205 and questions  1-2 pg 206 and summarize the content on page 207 in at least least two paragraphs of 7-10 sentences each. QUIZ tomorrow

Individual Assignment on Walmart video based on the concepts: Moral Absolutism, Moral Relativism, Cultural Relativism

Go to my grade 9 religion power point, ninth  from the top of my website page after going to my blog.  Once there he should go to slide 29, which explains the three differing views of morality. Then  watch the you tube video: Walmart: The High Cost of Low Prices. In a Reflection of no less than two pages double-spaced type-written letter size 12, determine which view you believe to be the correct view of morality.  Support your view using the video.
A grading Rubric can also be found on the website. Reflection paper Grading Rubric

Psychology students group work tonight Tuesday, Nov. 14th

Communicate with your group about your experiments

Psychology Homework Monday Nov. 13th

Read pg. 198 answer questions 1-3 Read pg. 199, answer Activity 1 at the bottom of the page.
Read pg. 200-201 answer the ? in red at the bottom of both pages on 200 and 201.
Make sure your answers provide a detailed summary of the content on these pages for QUIZ on this homework on Monday Nov. 13th

Philosophy homework for Monday, Nov. 13th

Students are to complete up to question 20 in chapter 7 for Monday.

Grade 12 RST's will begin on Dec. 20th

All students must be ready to present on December 20th. As this is your oral examination any absence on the day you are to present must be supported with a doctor's certificate.

Psychology Presentations, Thursday, November 23rd

Each group will present on Thursday and Friday Nov. 23-24th

Epistemology Test Review, Friday Nov. 17th

                                  EPISTEMOLOGY UNIT TEST REVIEW

Cogito Ergo Sum
A priori 
A posterori
Plato’s on knowledge
Descartes’ first meditation 
Descartes’ thought experiment 
John Locke 
 Epistemological Dualism 
The correspondence theory of truth 
Berkeley on Locke 
The epistemic gap
Immanuel Kant on Hume 
The Copernican Revolution in knowledge
coherence theory of truth 
Pragmatic theory of truth
How do you know you are not a brain in a vat? 


Grade 9 Religion Reflection Assignment Nov. 10th

Know the following ethical concepts:

Ethical Relativism: The view that there are no Universal ethical principals. All judgments are based upon personal opinion. For instance, You like Red and I like Blue. It's a matter of opinion.

Cultural Relativism: The view that ethics is solely based upon one's culture. One culture cannot judge the ethical actions or practices of another culture.

Moral Absolutism: Ethics is not dependent upon a person's opinion or culture. We can judge actions to be right or wrong, regardless of people's opinion or culture. 

Psychology Homework Nov. 10th

Students are to read pages pg. 77-79 and answer questions 2,3,4 on page 79. Possible pop quiz

Philosophy Homework Chapt. 7

Students are to complete questions #8-13 chapter 7 for Friday. Also bring your text,"The Art of Living, to class.

Philosophy homework for Nov. 9th

Chapter 7 Yes we've moved to Ethics., questions 1-7 We will discuss an appropriate time for a test on Epistemology tomorrow.

Psychology Homework for Nov. 9th, 2017

Students are to read pages 76-77 of the Text and Answer the question at the bottom of page 77. Students can also do research on their school of thought.

GRADE 12 Philosophy RST

                                                GRADE 12 Philosophy RST
Students are to read The Art of Living by Epictetus choosing five quotations that they find to be the most relevant to their own lives today. By explaining the meaning of the quote with reference to the quote itself, students will gain knowledge of the age-old wisdom found within its pages. Further, by providing parallels between the quotes and the three branches of philosophy: Metaphysics, Epistemology and Ethics, students will demonstrate the important relationship between philosophy and life in general. By critically assessing the merit of their quotes students will come to a greater understanding of their true value.  By articulating their understanding of the quotes chosen in the form a presentation to the class, they will affirm their commitment to adopting the principles and values of their chosen quotations.   
Students are to have read the entire text by November 30th. As they go through it they are to highlight their favorite quotes.  Students are to do so by adding a short commentary on at least 20 quotes in order to demonstrate that they have in fact read the entire text. This commentary should be placed in the margin of the quote and must be no less than 5 sentences in length. They are then to pick FIVE QUOTES from this text and
1.      Provide an explanation of each with reference to the quote.
2.      Explain the relevance it holds their lives
3.      The relationship each quote must relate to one or more of the three branches of philosophy.
4.      Provide a Critical Assessment of the quotes’ importance and value to living today.
5. This must be done in the students’ own words in the form of at least two type written     paragraphs for each.
6. Their must be a minimum of 2 paragraphs for each quote.
7. Each paragraph must be at least eight to ten sentences long and in the students own words.
8. Students are to use "Times New Roman" font letter size "12" and no bigger.
9. The type-written component must be handed in no later than December 4th.
10. As this constitutes the research process for the oral examination which will be held later in December, failure to do so will result in a loss of 10% of the oral examination.
11. The oral examination must be a minimum of 8 minutes long which has to include    power point and a written handout to the class consisting of the title of each quote, a summary of the student’s interpretation of it as well as and explanation of how it relates to the branches of philosophy. The relation of the quote to the branch of philosophy must be well-established by the student, as well as an in-depth analysis of the quote.
      12. Students are not to use cue cards.

      Evaluation Rubrics are on webpage under the title Philosophy RST Rubric near bottom of          page

Psychology Homework Nov. 8th, 2017

Read pages 74-75 of the text answer the Before You Read Question, the question (?) on page 75 and answer questions 1 and 2 in the IN FOCUS BOX. Potential Pop Quiz

Psychology Homework for Nov. 7th

Students are to answer questions 1-3 pg. 72-73 potential pop quiz