Philosophy Student Homework for Tuesday, April 24th due at beginning of class: sections F-H Socratic Circle Thursday: If you fail to attend class you will require a doctor's note

Students must complete All question up to and including section each of the Matrix Unit package. 10 marks out of the possible 60 marks will be deducted if each question does not demonstrate a reading of the relevant text reading found in Velasquez, A test with Readings.  The Matrix Unit can also be found on my website by clicking on the link on the right hand side of the page

Informed Conscience: Sicko Assignment

The assignment should be at least 2 pages double-spaced, or 1.5 for resource students
Based on the Documentary Sicko, pick a Medical Corporation. For example, Blue Cross, Kaiser Permante and apply the the following steps to determine whether or not the Corporation acted morally. IMAGINE THAT YOU ARE THE BLUE CROSS MEDICAL INSURANCE COMPANY Use 1 example from the Documentary. You must use all of the criteria below A TO D. If one doesn't apply just state that it doesn't apply. For example: Pursuit of Knowledge: Does not apply

A. See: Is there a moral decision to be made? Will my (or another person or groups') action or inaction affect others or myself in a manner that it will cause them pain or pleasure? If yes, than it is a moral decision.

B. Judge: You (or another person or group) Consider the following when judging what to do:
1.Bible-Ten Commandments, Eight Beatitudes What does it say if anything about the decision?
2.Personal Experience-Have you or the person or group making the moral decision had any similar experience?   
3.Culture- What does our culture, TV, Advertisers value that applies to the moral decision to be made?
4. Relationships- How will the decision affect realtionships with others?
5. Natural Law Theory of Aquinas: Based upon our God-given reason and our natural inclinations  Human Beings are able to discern right from wrong. ARE YOU-THE BLUE CROSS MEDICAL INSURANCE CORPORATION GOING AGAINST ANY OF THESE 5 NATURAL INCLINATIONS BY DENYING COVERAGE.
Five natural Inclinations:
1. Preservation of Life
2. Perpetuation of species-having children
3. Orderly Society
4. Education of the Young
5. Pursuit of Knowledge

C. Act: Act on  judgement- you can't say anything here but Act on Judgement THE DENIAL OF MEDICAL COVERAGE. 

D. Evaluate: How did the action turn out? Should it be done again? 

Phillip Petite and The Twin Towers

Each of us has a need to master certain skills and to achieve certain goals. Although you might receive some extrinsic motivation, these skills aren't motivated by biological needs; those who have high levels of achievement (no pun intended) motivation simply have a desire to accomplish a goal at a higher standard... Adler believed that there is a Universal Drive in all humans called striving for perfection...This idea is echoed by in Abraham Maslow's "self-actualization" stage, the pinnacle of the hierarchy of needs. Explain through his actions and words why Phillip Petite gave up his need for safety using Maslow's theory

Why did Phillip Petite give up his need for safety? 


40 Multiple choice based on the below (be aware you must know these term well). Despite the answer being in front of you, you must know the specific definition, or you will not be successful. Everything that you need to know for the test is found below. 

To ensure your understanding and critical thinking of these concepts you will have to be able to relate different concepts found in the multiple choice to each other.  
2.. unconditioned response, stimulus, 
*3.. conditioned response, stimlulus
4. Classical conditioning
5.Skinner, operant conditioning
6.. Behaviourism
7. Humanist Psychologists
8. Maslow-hierarchy of needs-Self-actualization, Self-transcendence
9. Frankl- Logotherapy
10. Carl Rogers-Client centered therapy
11. Cognitive Psychology
12. Bandura
13. Cognition
14. Loftus- False memories
15. Freud's psychosexual stages of development
*16. Piagets stages of Cognitive development
*17. Perception, filling in the gaps, perceptual consistency, perceptual sets
18. Application of operant conditioning
*19. Correaltion vs. Causation pg. 89 Example: spider and rain: You may observe that it rains everytime you kill a spider meaning their is a relationship between the two for you; i.e. a correlation However you cannot establish that the death of the spider caused it to rain.
*20. Falsification- In order for an account of a phenomenon to be considered scientific it must be subject to rigorous testing, in order to prove if it true or false. This is the meaning of falsification. It doesn't mean it has to be proven false, instead scientific testing must attempt to prove it false. If it cannot be proven false it is considered a valid scientific theory. 
The study of the Paranormal is absolutely not science .  When psychics are tested scientifcally in a controlled setting their claims have always been proven false, without one single exceptionMany so-called "psychics"  avoid scientific experimental testing for this very reason. For instance, if  "The Long Island Medium" was tested at Cornell University her claims of psychic ability would be proven false.
Chapter 5
1. Heredity DNA pg. 200
2. Genie
3. Achievement Motivation pg. 218-219   
4. Introversion extroversion
5. Intrinsic, extrinsic
6. Negativity bias
7. Cognitive dissonance
8. Behavioral Profiling
9. Fundamental Attribution error
10.Psychotic, neurotic.
Possible long answer subjects Phillipe Petite, the Zimbardo experiment, Milgram experiment for LONG ANSWER


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